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Cougar Pumps are proud to have a 4 year contract in place for the servicing of 53 sumps and pumps for 4 different flood protection locations. The pumps are a combination of stormwater and foul water pumps.

The annual service takes place in very high risk confined spaces and consists of:

  • Lifting of pumps from sumps, overhaul & topping up of oil levels
  • Emptying and wash down of sumps
  • Testing of all alarms
  • Non-return valve to be removed and checked
  • Full report detailing all electrical readings and photos of major components to be issued

The 4th year involves a major service which includes changing of the following components:

  • Bearings
  • Mechnical seal & Non-return valve

All pumps and equipment are explosion proof due to the criticaility of the barrier.

Here at Cougar we care about the longevity and reliability of your system. We encourage you to pass on the responsibility of your equipment to us to ensure you get the peace of mind you deserve.

No job is too big, or small.

Should you be interested in a service contract, take a look at the different packages we offer & get in-touch.

Be Prepared- Ensure you have preventative maintenance in place prior to the winter months!

Industrial Pump System

All pump systems consist of mechanical devices which require maintenance periodically.The frequency of maintenance depends on the demands, loads of a system and how critical the application. Routine maintenance to a pump system is critical for longevity and reliability.

Common Pump Issues:

Sewage pump system failures can be caused by increasing amounts of blockages within the pumps and valves, which trigger unreliability- meaning the pump could fail at any given moment without any prior warning- and result in sewage flooding. Pump downtime can cause inconvenience to your business and emergency call-outs are often expensive and can require tankering.

Unmaintained booster sets can result in inconsistent water pressure and ultimately cause failure of your water supply. Typically on a cold water system, it will be the non-return valve or pressure vessel which fails, causing damage to the pipework resulting in erratic water pressure. A block of flats with no water supply or car wash service with fluctuating pressure soon becomes an emergency.

What are the solutions:

A well maintained pump system is far less likely to give you unexpected issues. Get the peace of mind you deserve! Rest assured that even when your system is running under maximum load, it will remain efficient.

When routine maintenance is carried out by highly trained personnel, it ensures all system components are thoroughly assessed on a regular basis, detecting any issues that are likely to arise whilst also identifying any components that need replacing to allow system efficiency.

Cougar Pumps provide customers with thorough routine pump maintenance. A variety of different service levels are available to form a tailored plan to suit the ever-changing needs of your business.

What’s included?

  •  Removal and clean of existing pump(s)
  • Bearing and impeller check
  • Assessment of non-return and gate valves
  • Pipework and guide rail checks
  • Fully electrically qualified engineers
  • Technical sales advisors who can recommend replacement pumps or components before failure

Find out more about Cougar service plans

Take action now & ensure you have a preventative maintenance plan in place for your pumping equipment prior to the winter months.