What to do if you have an electrical control issue

When running a business it may seem as if electric motors fail regularly and unfortunately, need replacing. However, in many situations, full pump and motor replacement can be prevented with proper care and maintenance.

While it may seem as if motor failure is very common in your business, often the real issue is a poorly suited product for a particular application or a control circuit problem. In many cases, motor failure can be an indication of more serious issues down the line.

Thankfully, with the help of an experienced technician, trouble-shooting and repairs can be easy and stress-free.

How to handle your Electrical Control Issue 

Firstly, unless you’re a fully qualified and experience repair technician, it is imperative to schedule a service appointment, if you are dealing with electrical issues affecting a pump or motor.

It is vital not to compromise the safety of you and your employees when troubleshooting electrical issues as doing so could be fatal.  If dealing with a conveyor belt, watch where you are placing your hands and be aware of any boxes or other materials that may be coming down the conveyor belt.

Listen, look & feel

Take the time to visually assess any damage to the system and be careful to feel for any catch points that could prevent the conveyor belt from working properly. If there are any abnormal sounds coming from the system be sure to take note and give this information to the repair technician, especially if the noise is intermittent. When possible, it may be necessary to shut down all power to the system to prevent further problems.

Leave the hard work to the professionals 

Your system may be in need of a few minor repairs, or you may require a brand new motor and controls to be installed – how are you to know?

We can provide you with a preventative maintenance plan tailored to the equipment located on your premises.

Have a look at our service agreement packages, or get in touch should you require any additional information.