Cougar Pumps take a trip to Denmark!

In July 2017, members of the Cougar Sales Team & Managing Director, Phil Harris, travelled to Denmark to receive access to one of the most popular internal training concepts in Grundfos Industry.

For many years, Grundfos Industry Application Training has been used to build application competences internally in Grundfos with a great success rate.

In 2017 Grundfos decided to introduce the training to partners from Europe for the first time. The participants being 12 sales engineers from 5 UK partners (one being Cougar Pumps), belonging to the Industry Partner Community.

The training included pump theory, Grundfos iSOLUTIONS, hands-on training, key industry products and focus applications.

When asked about the delivery of the training, Phil Harris said: “The mix of theory and practical sessions allows for a deeper understanding”