We need snow!

The challenge.
A customer of ours had a health and safety nightmare, potentially, creating snow! The site was a film set requiring large amounts of snow. The problem was running flameproofed electrics around the site, cables, high voltage etc. In fact this was banned before it started.

However the high pressure needed for the job required industrial pumps, and in stainless steel to cope with the liquids being handled.

Cougar’s solution.
We chose vertical in-line multistage pumps with all stainless steel wetted components, and instead of using their normal electric motors used air driven motors. Non-standard couplings and motor stools were fabricated to allow the mating of the pump and drive.

The air motors run from a compressed air source and whilst not as efficient as a direct electrical source it does mean the job could be safely accomplished with only running an air hose. Also, the air drives have other advantages in that they can be regulated to run at any speed, either under or over that normally rated for the pump without inverters or any other electrical controls, merely using an air valve.

Customer benefits.
For little more than the cost of the manufacturers standard electrical drive we were able to save many thousands of pounds in electrical installation costs, and importantly meet all of the health and safety requirements on a sensitive site.
If you have a difficult application, let us know!