Gasket Giveaway!

Gaskets are imperative to the pump installation process; used to fill the space between two or more surfaces to prevent leakage from the joined objects while under compression, therefore preventing any system leakage.
For example water pump gaskets are an essential part of an automobile’s engine system. The water pump gasket consists of a simple sheet comprised of gasket paper, silicone, rubber, felt, metal and fiberglass of plastic polymer. Its’ function? To fill the gaps between the engine and the water pump in the vehicle.
Without the presence of the gasket, the coolant flowing between the water pump and the engine block would without a doubt leak out. This could lead to overheating of the engine and put strain on the components of the cooling system, which would essentially generate an array of other problems for the vehicle.
So as you can see, gaskets are a vital element of a successful pumping system.
So we’ve decided to do you a favour and supply the gaskets best suited to your purchased pump FREE of charge.
Why? Because we care about the longevity of your pump system & keeping your business running!
This offer applies during August only.
Hurry.. don’t miss it!