If you want someone to supply, install, fix or service any kind of industrial pump, then look no further than Cougar.

Whatever your business and wherever you are.

We work in prestigious locations such as The Shard, The Walkie-Talkie building, Westfield and The Thames Barrier.

Customers include The Environment Agency, Harrods, Coca-Cola, Thames Water, Kellogg Brown Root, Arla Foods and many other globally respected names.

Our talented, suave and sophisticated engineers (so they assure me!) have installed pumps in a gold mine in Guinea, in Jersey for the Government and in Gibraltar for Fire Services. Even trusted with the cloud, providing services for massive cooling circuits in huge server rooms.

All that as well as Power Stations, Biofuel processors, chemical plants and innumerable factories.

If you have pumps, let us look after you!


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