Water treatment


Multistage Pumps
Multistage pumps are in a league of their own, as they have the ability to manage the complete production of liquids from a well containing a range of substances, including water, oil and natural gases.  They are efficient, economic and particularly suitable for remote locations.


End-Suction Pumps
End suction pumps are multi-functional and work brilliantly across a number of applications, from surface cleaning to heating. They are a type of centrifugal pump and are usually single stage pumps with just one impeller. With so many uses, they are available in a comprehensive range of design, size and power options. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose just the right one for your requirements.


Dosing Pumps

As the name suggests, dosing pumps are used to transfer very specific quantities of one fluid to another, within a certain time-frame. These are used across a range of industries including food process and pharmaceutical, where certain ingredients need to be added to a fluid during production.  We also supply chemical dosing pumps which are used across various mining applications.


Dewatering and water extraction pumps

Dewatering pumps extract water from solid material, so they need to be pretty tough.  They are often used to remove groundwater on construction sites and are also widely used across a number of industrial applications.  We supply a range of high-quality models that will give you durability, reliability and longevity, including slops / drain pumps, draining pumps and extraction pumps.