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Packing – Flexitallic 713L

 713L Packings

Flexitallic 713L compression packing, is constructed by Xbraiding air textured, continuous filament yarns, impregnated with PTFE dispersion and high quality break-in lubricant.

Flexitallic 713L is primarily used in rotary and reciprocating applications handling a wide range of chemical media including oils, solvents, mild acids and alkalis. Sealing applications include petro-chemical, chemicals, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, paint and brewing industries. Particularly suitable for mine de-watering pumps.

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Packing – Flexitallic 45

45 Packings

Flexitallic 45 compression packing, is a soft packing constructed by square – braiding high quality Cotton yarn heavily greased and graphited.

Flexitallic 45 can be used in rotary and reciprocating applications handling most chemical media. It is especially used in applications involving concentrated acids or where non-contamination of the product is required. The relatively soft and conformable nature of Flexitallic 45 enables sealing to be achieved with minimum gland pressure. Typical sealing applications include hot and Cold water, aggressive chemicals, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

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Enviroflex 500 – Stem Set


Flexitallic Enviroflex 500 is a low emission valve stem sealing system designed for high temperature applications.

Flexitallic Enviroflex 500 is supplied as a five ring set, consisting of three moulded graphite rings and two braided anti-extrusion rings. The moulded components are manufactured from high purity (99.9% wt) exfoliated graphite foil. The anti-extrusion rings are manufactured from a low sulphur graphite foil containing corrosion inhibitors and reinforced with Inconel wire. Enviroflex 500 is totally free of PTFE and is therefore suitable for use at high temperatures where there may be corrosion concerns following the thermal decomposition of PTFE.

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