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Packing – Flexitallic 304

304 Packings

Flexitallic 304 compression packing, is constructed by Xbraiding high quality Carbon yarn impregnated with high performance lubricant, corrosion inhibitors and sacrificial zinc, reinforced with Inconel wire.

Flexitallic 304 can be used in valve stems, rotary and reciprocating applications handling most chemical media. Flexitallic 304 is particularly suitable for use in stainless steel equipment handling high temperature and high pressure fluids, where corrosion issues may be encountered. The Inconel wire reinforcement provides stability and aids extraction from gland housings. Typical sealing applications include use in power generation (steam), chemical and petrochemical industries.

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Packing – Flexitallic 2001

 2001 Packings

Flexitallic 2001 is a high performance compression packing constructed by Xbraiding high strength Aramid yarn treated with PTFE dispersion and a high temperature lubricant.

Flexitallic 2001 can be used in rotary, reciprocating and static sealing applications handling a large range of chemical media. It is particularly good in sealing water, steam, organic solvents, fuels, oils, and most commonly encountered acids and alkalis. Typical sealing applications include steel, chemical, paper, pulp and cement industries. Particularly recommended for pumping abrasive slurries.

2001 Datasheet

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