Surface water


Submersible dirty water pump
Submersible pumps are designed to be completely immersed into the desired liquid and use a sealed motor close to cleverly push the fluid to the surface. This method differs from other pumps that use suction to withdraw the fluid and the main advantage is that it prevents pump cavitation, an issue that can arise when pumping liquid that has a significant depth between the pump and the fluid surface. Submersible pumps are typically used to pump sewage, clean or dirty water and oil.


Wastewater Pump
Sewage pumps have a particularly tough job to undertake, with the inconsistency of the liquid that needs to be pumped. We will help you select the most suitable size and power that will guarantee efficiency and effectiveness.


Borehole pump
Borehole pumps are inserted either vertically or horizontally into the ground to extract liquids such as water, petrol and oil, as well as gases. We supply a range of designs and sizes and would be happy to discuss your specific requirements, so that we can recommend the most suitable product for the application.


Booster pump
Booster pumps and booster sets are used to increase the pressure and flow of water. These are usually required in high rise buildings where the mains water pressure isn’t sufficient to service the entire block. We supply a diverse range of fixed and multi-speed pumps and sets, for both domestic and commercial use.


Vertical turbine
Vertical turbine pumps are centrifugal and primarily designed to transfer large volumes of water. The motor sits above the liquid and the long shaft is inserted underneath, making it ideal for pumping water that is deep underground, such as a well or reservoir. They are used in situations where a submersible pump is unsuitable, such as the water flow being above the turbine range.