Spares & Ancillaries

Cougar Pumps stocks a wide range of spare parts and accessories to support your pumping station. We are keen for you to get the maximum uptime for your equipment and supply parts from the original manufacturer wherever possible.

Take a look below to see just a small range of spare parts and accessories that we stock :

Cougar’s Mechanical Seal Range
Competitive prices for quality mechanical seals to suit the major pump manufacturers including:
2 piece single spring seals and 1 piece cartridge
Range of seal face materials including CRB/ CER/ SIC
Available with boot or o’ring stationary seal.


Rubber Flexible Connectors (Vibration & Noise Control)
Rubber flexible connectors available in a range of sizes from flanged to BSP connection. Available with tied or untied flanges.

rubber-connector rubber-connector-1

A range of valves available including:

-Gate Valves
For on/off control, with low pressure drop

-Butterfly Valves
For flow regulation in large pipe diameters

-Non return valves
Enable medium flow in only one desired direction

valves valves-2


Grundfos Service Kits
Grundfos service kits developed specifically for each pump/system containing spare parts such as o-rings and shaft seals.

service-kits-1 service-kits-2


Float Switches
10m float switches in plastic casing freely suspended at the desired height from its own cable. When the liquid level reaches the regulator, the casing tilts and the mechanical switch closes or breaks the circuit.


Sump Pumps
State-of-the-art wastewater pumps with N-technology. Sustained high efficiency with energy savings up to 25%

Flexible and modular design

Robust and reliable


Drainage dirty water pumps
• Versatile
• Corrosion- resistant
• Compact
• Ideal for draining wells, garage cellars & places subject to flooding

doc-3-tube-float-switch doc-3-integrated-float-switch

A range of sealing solutions available including both metallic and semi-metallic gaskets.