Shear Sensitive Pumps

Shear sensitive pumps are designed to gently handle liquids containing solids that must remain in their original state during the pumping process.  These are typically liquids containing delicate consumable items, widely used across the food process and pharmaceutical industries.


Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic pumps are incredibly versatile and adaptable across a number of applications.  They are often used to pump aggressive or sterile fluids where isolation from environmental contamination is necessary, ranging from high solid slurries to swimming pools.


Hygienic/ Food Grade and Food Transfer Pumps

Pumps used in the food process and beverage industries must adhere to strict hygiene standards and through years of experience, we understand the demands faced across this sector.  With such varying consistencies in the fluid that’s being handled, selecting the right pump for the application is essential.  We supply a range of food transfer pumps, food grade pumps, food progressive cavity pumps and shear sensitive pumps.


Side Channel Pumps
Side channel pumps play a very specific role across a range of applications and sit somewhere between the functionality of a centrifugal pump and a displacement pump.   They are commonly used to pump a variety of liquids, particularly clean liquids, as well as air, gas and gas / liquid combinations.