Project Consultancy

Project Consultancy

Do you have a new development in the pipeline, and need key advice about pump supply and installation? Maybe you’re planning an industrial manufacturing site, a large retail outlet, a housing development… whichever industry you’re in, Cougar’s highly experienced consultants are perfectly positioned to help.

We’re well aware that the pumps you need for your project are something you’d quite like to be able to install and then forget about! That being the case, you will want to be sure that you install the right pumps:
• Pumps that are the correct size and type.
• That perform efficiently, costing you no more than they need to.
• That are reliable and which will, with regular servicing, carry on working for the whole of their expected lives.

And you’ll want to do this while not spending more than necessary. We’re with you on that - you don’t want to be wasting money on equipment that isn’t running optimally.

Assessing the balance of performance and cost, minimising both risk and downtime, is a key skill of Cougar consultants. Our decades of experience allow us to understand quickly what the best solution for you will be.

We have worked on projects that vary hugely in size and complexity. Projects that require a single pump installed, and some which have needed multiple sets of different types of pumps to meet the need.

Little and large - size is immaterial

We have consulted on projects for sites that take up thousands of square metres, and a few that would fit into a small workshop. We’ve even come up with a solution that was installed inside a unit little larger than a couple of telephone boxes. The size of the project is not an issue, the fact is you have a problem that requires the best solution - and that’s what we deliver. You can see more of the unusual and challenging projects we’ve taken up on our Bespoke Projects page.

Where do we start? With your plans, drawings, sketches, ideas - whatever stage your project is at, if a pump solution is going to be key to its operation, call us in and let us help you lay the perfect foundations. By helping you to get the right spec in place from the beginning, we can help you to avoid any amount of disruption further down the line.

Whatever you need in the way of pump supply and planning, you’re in the right place.

Would you like to have an initial, no obligation discussion with one of our senior consultants?

Please call us on 01442 860000 to book a telephone appointment. If someone is available there and then we’ll put you straight through to them.

Alternatively, book a call back - click the Call Back button to let us know your contact details, the best time to call you, and if possible give us a quick outline of your project.

We look forward to being of service to you.