Preparing for Potential Flooding
The most effective way to keep groundwater out of your property/ business premises is to use a drainage or pump
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The HydroInfinity Agricultural Series
Introducing a newly launched system designed for the agricultural industry…   COMPLETE WATER TREATMENT AND BOOSTER SYSTEM FOR AGRICULTURAL AND ANIMAL
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Innovative Sewage Technology
Water and sewage are issues, which concern decision makers more and more today. On the one hand, environmental issues make new
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Keeping London Dry!
Cougar Pumps are proud to have a 4 year contract in place for the servicing of 53 sumps and pumps
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Pre-Configured Systems
Save Money & Energy Consumption with Washer Systems
Cougar can supply Energy-saving high-pressure pump packages, designed for multiple gun wash down systems! Common multiple wash down systems are
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We’re recruiting!
We’re pleased to announce that we are looking to add an experienced Mobile Engineer to our existing team. This is an
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Avoid inconvenient basement flooding!
Flooded basements are a common occurrence, especially around this time of year. Basement flooding can occur regularly when there is
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Be Prepared- Ensure you have preventative maintenance in place prior to the winter months!
All pump systems consist of mechanical devices which require maintenance periodically.The frequency of maintenance depends on the demands, loads of
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Pump Flange Gaskets
Gasket Giveaway!
Gaskets are imperative to the pump installation process; used to fill the space between two or more surfaces to prevent
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Boilers and Systems
Having Difficulty Handling Steam Quality Levels?
Steam quality levels can often be difficult to handle for steam boilers But there’s a solution… Intelligent variable speed pumps
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