Sea Water Pumps

We understand the importance of supplying reliable, high performance and superior quality pumps to the marine & shipping industry.  Downtime can cause great expense and inconvenience, so making the right choice in this industry is essential.  We supply a diverse range of pumps specifically designed for a number of applications, including bilge pumps, ballast pumps, sea water circulating pumps, fish transfer pumps, grey water pumps and reverse osmosis pumps.


Transfer Pumps

Transfer pumps are incredibly diverse and used across a wide range of industries.  As they are suited to so many applications to transfer a variety of liquid types, it is important to select the most suitable model that operates at the appropriate pressure.  We supply a comprehensive range, including fuel transfer pumps, food transfer pumps and fish transfer pumps.


Drainage and Sewage Pumps
Drainage pumps are designed for pumping groundwater and carrying surface water from one area to another. We supply a wide range of designs that are reliable, efficient and high quality, and will help you choose just the right model to give you absolute peace of mind.