Single-Stage Pumps
Single stage centrifugal pumps are designed to pump large volumes of water at an efficient flow rate. They are used across of range of industries to feed sprinklers, pump groundwater, surface water, and waste water, as well as fuelling heating and cooling systems.


Non-Self- Priming Pumps
Non self priming pumps are centrifugal and designed to handle clean water. When submersed, there is sufficient water surrounding the impeller, to create adequate pressure that will effectively pump water.  They are versatile, economic and very straight forward, making them suitable across a range of applications.


Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are the most widely used pumps to transfer a range of liquids including water, sewage and petrol where a low pressure and fast flow is required.  We supply a number of models that are individually suited to specific tasks, including slurry pumps used across a range of industries including mining, agriculture and construction; as well as a comprehensive range of end suction pumps, vertical multi-stage pumps, magnetic drive pumps and boiler feed pumps. We would be happy to recommend the most appropriate pump for your business.


Robust Pumps
The name says it all! Robust pumps are hardy, reliable and stand the test of time. They can efficiently and effectively handle abrasive and aggressive liquids, making them suitable for tough jobs. They are commonly used in filtration and cooling.


Multistage Pumps
Multistage pumps are in a league of their own, as they have the ability to manage the complete production of liquids from a well containing a range of substances, including water, oil and natural gases. They are efficient, economic and particularly suitable for remote locations.