Dosing Pumps

As the name suggests, dosing pumps are used to transfer very specific quantities of one fluid to another, within a certain timeframe. These are used across a range of industries including food process and pharmaceutical, where certain ingredients need to be added to a fluid during production.  We also supply chemical dosing pumps which are used across various mining applications.


Fuel Pumps

Performance, precision and power are essential when it comes to fuel pumps.  Fuel transfer pumps are designed to move fuel from the tank to the engine and the velocity and pressure can vary dramatically.  Fuel injection pumps are used to pump fuel into the cylinders of the engine at high pressure and the timing and fuel quantity is crucial.  We supply a selection of high quality and efficient pumps to handle a range of fuels including oil, petrol and diesel.  We also supply gear pumps, vacuum pumps, transmission pumps, steering pumps, stripping pumps, lubrication pumps, loading / unloading pumps and LPG pumps.